Thanks to our unique location in the Fort Hancock Historic Landmark District of Sandy Hook, our children learn and grow in an environment of beaches, paths, wildlife and nature. Our programs support and encourage the sense of wonder innate to all children and inspires self-discovery and exploration of the world around them.

The environment plays a vital role in the young lives of children at Sandy Hook Child Care Center. From their commute to school with their parents catching expansive views of the bay, to daily walks in the park discovering osprey in flight and horseshoe crabs on the beach, children enjoy first hand the experiences with nature that will inspire them through life. By instilling a love and respect for nature from a young age, our parents and teachers hope to raise happy, healthy and caring children who recognize the importance of experiencing the outdoors and crave its wonders and activities.


Our school’s private garden is a special place for our students to play and learn. Each spring and summer the children enjoy caring for their vegetable and flower gardens, and our teachers have developed their own curriculum that includes lessons about veggies, plants, fruit, insects, and wildlife.

In the spring, the children plants seedlings of an assortment of vegetables in the classroom and cares for them and watch them grow from seeds to mature plants. They then transport them to our outdoor planting beds in the late spring.

Our garden is a favorite space for the children to play in and store their shells, sticks, and other items found during their discoveries on Sandy Hook.

*Here is a link for our NJ Birth to Three Early Learning Standards*